Just Play It

Alright, it's a experimental musical performed by musician John Vaughan and his blind student 許哲誠 (sorry I've got no translation there,) directed by 丁乃箏 from Performance Workshop Theatre.

Here's the link:

Unlike ordinary musical, Just Play It takes advantage for music (especially piano), voices, conversations and images in order to reach the tension of a musical should have. There can't be excessive performances: first, the giant sits right at the middle of the stage, lessoning the performing space; second,
許哲誠 is blind, so he have to do a lot of practice to get fimilliar with maybe only one step or two.

But the music is extraordinary! It's almost like a mixture of jokes, classical, notes, small movements, and most of all, life. Every thing performed by the two musicians are all related to their own lives, no matter is the weird feeling of being blind, cultural shock when 許哲誠 went to Austria and Vaughan moved to Taiwan, or interacts with audience.

Worth it!!! And I only spent NTD$650 for the best seats because NCKU students' got a 50% discount, and they know which bethroom should they go during the intermission so they don't have wait in line lol.

Best night ever! I haven't seen such a show that almost vaporized my blood after I went to Broadway when I was just 11. ^_^

Like it.


Facebook Warm

     Everyone on Facebook is playing with this link: http://anago.crap.jp/

     What do you think this is? (A)Warm (B)Snake (C)Eel

     I've heard the correct answer is eel, but I'd rather consider this is a warm.
     BTW...... Do you know where the REAL warm is?????

 !!!!!!!SPACE SLUG!!!!!!! 

"This Is No Cave!!!"




I'm coming home,
I'm coming home,
Tell the world I'm coming home,
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday,
I know my kingdom awaits,
And they've forgiven my mistakes,
I'm coming home,
I'm coming home,
Tell the world I'm coming...... home.

Every Friday night I start singing these 2 songs; and every Monday morning I dare not think of them,
or I'll be dropping tears, unlike me. 


Busy Life of NCKU

No doubt, very busy!
So busy I almost forgot I've still got a blog!
All the English nones are challenging my tolerence. =  =

Here are some photos from my microscope.

I have the habit of taking pics of every scene I find by my LM, some of them are amazing! This time last year, I was fighting against "microscope sketching" because of a terrible test. I sacraficed all my nap time, and during the test I even cut my finger! How terrible? It cost me 4 tissues to stop bleeding. TAT

Every friday noon is my biology exp class, I'll take as much photos as I can!


Under The Sea, In The Aquarium

You can feel the power of the ocean and water. This picture is just the right one to demonstrate the flourish plantation under the surface!!! (Not the sovereignty of some kind of Sea God with a trident lol)

This post is all about the beautiful seascape I caught in the local aquarium. No issues in it!!!

It's just like the cartoonic scene in The Little Mermaid, lovely. <3


Pottermore: The Power of Language

I can't be more magical than this. lol

Pottermore is a website directed by J.K.Rowling, which as the title says, more Potter in it. The main idea of the site is to give Potter fans a whole new expanded experience of the magic world, but I think it's more like a therapy for those who are sufferring from the "Post Potter Syndrom." lol again.

So what's all these Harry Potter things related to language?

It went like this: The Pottermore website will officially open in October, but from 7/31~8/6, if you can complete the Magic Quill Promotion, you can win an early access account into Pottermore beta site before the grand opening and get a sneak peek. Yet, everyday's registration is limited, and you have to get on to the site at the right timing to find the quill, or you can only find the registration spaces are full.

I was informed when Day 3 registration was closed, and I missed Day 4 because a miscalculation of changing BST(British Summer Time) into Taiwan's time zone, which is 7 hours earlier than the former. To get on the site at the right time may sound hard, yet the Pottermore facebook fan page saves the day--everyday Pottermore Insider(I'm not quitr sure) will release a time session when the clue of the magic quill will show up, and people on the fanpage talks about it. However, it's all in English--the clue is in English, discussions are in English, the spells and items and specific nones only appeare in HP are all in English--I'm glad I read The Deathly Hallows in English and learned almost all the spells in Englsh.

I can't imgine what would I miss if I weren't a bilingual--I'm not going to get a special ticket into Pottermore, I can't understand what the early-released The Son of Neptune chapter 1 was talking about, I can't even relize all the funny animated comics on Lego Star Wars(very funny and cute, especilly the clone troopers!)

It's probably a little unfair for forigners, but hey, it's an advantage. Now I got to conmunnicate with the 2 biggest country in the world--the US & our not-so-friendly neighbor(lol).

Yeh, The Power of Love →→→Language.


0724: 50% of Great Views, 50% of......Hunger?

Both "great views" and "hunger" aren't emotions, I know.

Today's best part was that when Dad and I decided not to follow the guide anymore, speeding up to finish the 2.3 km path. The scenery was magnificent, no doubt!

These were photos about sun, which was the only but perfect source of light. I love to play with the lights and shadows, and I suppose almost everyone like this kind of photos, for they are so breathtaking if you shot at the right angle, the right time, the right combination.

The branch was based on green leaves, stretching out from the left bottom side of the picture. In photography, it's a bad idea to put the main element at the middle of the picture, but I think it worked OK in this one. The reason is that the branch shaped like an arrow, leading viewers' eyes towards the open sky, which made more space for others to think more.

Here comes Photo of the Day!!!

I was so thrilled when I caught this scene, I almost screamed in front all of the PTA members!(That migh resulted in weird consequences.) About 9:00 and a new moon still apperded in the sky, peeping from the gap of branches and leaves--aweinspiring snapshot!!!

Now the hunger part.
Chocolate sweet dumpling with sesame filling. Yum, although it was a little bit too sweet, but I like it.

Aw that wasn't the point. Due to terrible traffic on the Taipei-Yilan Highway, a horrible delay of the schedule happened. The traffic was so bad, we finished 3 idiots(which was my thrid watch of this awesome movie), Transformers 3(I would like to cancel that idiot gril thank you), and Lost on Journey(fun movie, not as good as 3 idiots but still a nice pastime). That was 7 hours in total, not to mention the last kong fu movie when I fell asleep.

So what was that all about with my poor stomach? Well, the dinner, originally scheduled at 19:00, was crazily delayed to 21:30. Oh I was like my stomach was empty but my bladder's alarm was ticking with a "Over Maximum Capacity" problem.

After this dinner-snack banquet, I nearly collapsed because I knew I was still 90 minutes away from home. Yet, with such a terrible experince, there was a small and delightful photo.

Ta Da!!!!!
Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! (?!)


0723: 50% of Fun, 50% of Disdain

I disappeared for 2 days, because I was out on a trip with my junior high school's PTA.(I know it's strange that
I was already graduated but still got to attend, but the relationship it way too complex, so let's just skip it)

Fun and Disdain were the 2 main ingredients of the 2-day trip, and you'll see where I considered it fun, while others were sadly just worth of my disdain.

First Stop: Horng Jou Ceramic Sightseeing Factory

It's actually quite nice, for the guide included some great knowledge of ceramics. My favorite part of the guide--the procedure of making ceramics. A few photos will describe.

↑ Colored pigments are amazingly beautiful <3

↑ Very cute water bottles isn't it.

Second Stop: Excellence Collection

Excellence Collection was actually a pottery store. No tour guide, but there were certainly some awesome pieces on sale!(And of course, very expansive.)

 ↑ This was their main product: The Sky Lantern Tea Set. I considered it sort of impressive, for it successfully combined one of the symbol of Taiwan with an everyday tool.

↑ And this. I didn't check the introduction, so I had no idea what exactly they were. But this was surely the photo of the day! My another well done postcard piece by trying every possible angle. It was fun, it was just that pausing for a perfect photo made my shoulders sored A LOT. But, it worthed.

Third Stop: Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum

The name is way too long, so I'll abbreviate it into YCM.

YCM was a modern and contemporary buliding, I would definitely spend 15 minutes lingering around and shoting photos from every angle, but I didn't. I'd got no time. This was where the Disdain started.

The PTA had arranged the schedule too tight, lefting every spot only 30~40 minutes. That was never enough for a real deep explore, especially at museums. My heart sank, and the nightmare happened in my trip to Japan loomed. I knew I would never get proper time to really enjoy a different place. I was going to waste most of my precious time on the stupid, boring tour bus, watching movies.

So I have to apologize for no new knowledge to share of. But there still are nice photos, for Dad and I browse the 3-story exhibition in only 15 minutes.

↑ Symbol of YCM. Apparently belonging to the genre of contemporary art, which always surprises my brain, my eyes, and my digital camera!

↑ My favorite piece. You see, I really had no love for the past while I embraced the brand new future. Umm, that's no good, so beware of the feeling. Sometimes I'll be a little shame of this feeling and try to fight against it, and I have to admit, hard is not a best word to describe my feeling. Disappointed does.

Lunch Time was written with dinner time at the lower part of the post. Filled with Disdain and not much love for the food.

Forth Stop: Lanyang Museum

Same Disdain, same compliment. This museum building is magnificent! The scenery is peaceful! My breath was taken.(Can I use the phrase like that?) Again, this time I didn't even got the time to browse the exhibition. Darn!

Tragical Lunch/Dinner Time

PTA's silly non-written rule: Mr.Whoever sits Table 1 and Mrs.Whoever sits Table 2. Someone must have mistaken me with Mom who actually didn't attend the trip. So I had to split up with Dad(Table 1 member) ,and without happily enjoying the not-very-delicious-food, I needed to socilze with those "Mrs."s......how catastrophic! They only understood comparing their husbands, joking gossips, most tragical, eating and drinking without tastaing! How dare you ordered me to eat one more hot and spicy shrimp after I'd finished a light jelly as my dessert, just because "oh you are still a kid you have to eat more"?! Eat way too more means obese only, not health! In 2 days, I fought bravely with these no-use-at-all women. Yeh, I felt like in war.

We stayed in a cottage located in Ming Chih Forest Recreation Area. Here are some great night views through my cam!

Dad thought it was the moon, but they were actually street lamps. Yes, postcards well done. <3  Except the museum visits, the best part of the day was watching X-Men:Wolverine on the tour bus. Don't blame me, if you are a girl, go check this movie. Hugh Jackman has extrodinary muscle, sad eyes, and outside the movie he's a good husband and daddy. Slightly different in the muscle part with Ewan McGregor, but as the role in family, I just can't resist new nice men!

Umm, this post ends up a little strange......, but don't worry! Day 2, which was also a 50-50 of 2 emotions, is coming soon!

To Be Continued......



I was like putting my photos in order, and I found this in a file called "whatever." This was the photo I was going to put on the front page of my university applications, yet finally I gave up. So that's why it went to the file of whatever.

It's hard to measure the speed of time. Right at the moment, I often feel like why is time passing so slow, but if I look at the calender, my term is like "wow, time flies." Does it depend on how you measure time? At the moment is like measuring in seconds or minutes, yet looking at the calender makes it a monthly, yearly or even decades' stuff.

How long have been since I realized a 75 on my test? Or since I prepared all the interviews? Or since I was erolled in NCKU? Wooooo, months, and it's heading towards Years.

17 now, and I have given up expecting the Hogwarts Notification(which should be at 11), and the demigod stuff? Well, I'd rather stay normal than getting myself into monster troubles, since I'm sure I'm not good at strength or physical stuff. Maybe becoming The Orcale would be nice......ummmmm.......

See, I'm starting to talk insanely again. Bla, I guess I'm a native speaker of Gibberish.


Vineyard Visit

This was the first I ever visit a vineyard in Changhua. Vineyards make people directly think of red wine, but the vineyards here are for delicious grapes.I mean very delicious!

The owner of the vineyard is a former soldier. He was the commander of one of my mom's best friends' husband, which is a very curious relationship. Mom has visited his vineyard twice before, but for me(who has been trapped by Taiwan's sinister educational system), it was a totally brand new experience.

The owner(who I never notice his last name) best describes the word "hospitable"! Talking to him was like standing next to the vigorous sun, definitely toppled my stereotype towards old soldiers.

A special species of grape. I'm never a big fan of grapes, but I have to admie that this light color grape really grabed my heart! When you first rip the skin of the grape, so juicy that you can't control the flow of the grape juice. The skin is very smooth, I always swallow it. But of course, the best part is the flavor. Not only are they sweet, but the grapes also contains a tinge of wine smell, if you doesn't swallow the whole grape too fast. The grapes this vineyard produced are never for winemaking, but tasting those grapes is surely a feast, just like tasting high class red wine.