Love Game: Can Love be a Game?

Ah, no. Appenrantly, no.
Of course, no matter this love is between friends, family, or lovers.

So let's start it from the Mother's Day.
What do you prepared for your mom? A handmade card? A bundle of carnations? A nice and romantic dinner?
These are all typical Mother's Day stuff, but can you cook everyday for your mom? Can you say thank you or love you before you go to bed even though you're not home?
Ah, hard to do so.
Of course you don't have to cook for your mom if you can't do so, but what I wanna remind people is that the spirit of Mother's Day can't just last 24 hours per year. The real purpose of Mother's Day is to pass down the key emotion of appreciation and kindness. People tend to forget so. (I do, too.)
Always say love you to your mommy, and do the same to your daddy.

Friends, now.
Hey girls out there! Who's your bff? (some names.)
Let's be more specific: Who's your bff now? (same names!)
And who's your bff before you graduated from high school? (...another bunch of names.)
See, time changes friendship, too. You don't have to be responsible for this, that's how life goes. Some poeple came, and become great partners for a while, then some leaves, and others might stay.
Since Facebook and other social networks are still growing, a new relationship between teacher and students are establishing. In the traditional concepts of Eastern worlds, students should always respect their teachers. This is no bad, yet it creats some sort of distance. On Facebook (for example), I found this distance shortened when I talk with teachers. Some students still has the subtle feeling that chatting and joking with teachers are very inrespectable, yet I feel that within adequate attitude, why can't teacher and student talk like good friends?
Weirdo thinking.

And here come lovers.
Do you know who gave me the rose? He he he, I'm gonna to leave this as a mystery for all of you.
Guess it. Yeh of course, a guy gave it to me.
We know there are always a true love for fairy tale characters, and this can happen in real life, too. Less. But recently movies are giving the question that if the memory is wiped out, can true love still be true love? At the end of the story, the memory always comes back, but in real life it could gone gone forever.
So sad......

And who gave me the flower? Well...... :P