I feel way so, so, so sick of those small groups.

It feels like the rest are just nonsense and the whole world just orbits around you guys, huh?!
I can't say that I had never had a single moment of expecting myself to be asked of joining, and I do feel grateful that some of the insiders are caring enough to ask my opinion, though I had to turn them down due to peer pressure.
What on earth is happening in this whatever-you'd-like-to-call-it club? Not just members, even the teacher has the same problem and now needs us to stop him or at least blur the borderline. Gosh the ugly truth is that nobody wants to train underdogs singers into an average level. Most people just want to teach smart kids and enjoy the applauds by the end of another successful show, with the problem still existing!
Gosh the stage is really a poison, even I can still be fooled occasionally. At least I know how to manage it out by far, trying to do the best of your own job and not being the annoying one that always wants the spotlight on you.

That was probably my longest murmur of all time, without any photo.