Newt Scamander Wand *Unboxing!!!*

It's been quite a long story before I finally get my Newt wand......
It all started out when I realized how gorgeous the wands in Fantastic Beasts are:

Aren't they magically elegant? <3
That thought came upon me by the end of November, which I decided that I'll try to get Seraphina Picquery and Newt's wands, however I was hold back by the price I have to pay for both wands......

Then all of a sudden, the whole globe started running out of Newt's wand!!!!!!!!! Seriously, the whole globe!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the websites (except some which marked the price kinda high) ran out of it, also they never send the mail of restock. T^T

Any way by early December I finally found some choice with an acceptable price (and FREE international shipping!!!) on Ebay. Finally.

And after my long waiting......................

Open it up!!!!!!!!

Look at that beautiful bronzing......

With Newt's name on the side of the box!

Dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The size is very handy, even for smaller Asian hands LOL. (Considering those crazily large lightsaber handles, the wands are really nice to hold.)

See that lovely blue tinge of color? That's why I can't leave my eyesight away from the wand!

You can also see the halo part at the bottom part, with silver paint in side. It was said that the silver color are shells, for Newt deny to hold a wand that's made out of a part of living animal. (Such as the heart string of a dragon blablabla...)

Alright, Newt's wand arrived from Greece earlier than Picquery's, so I'm still expecting my second part of my Christmas present. See you soon!