Just Play It

Alright, it's a experimental musical performed by musician John Vaughan and his blind student 許哲誠 (sorry I've got no translation there,) directed by 丁乃箏 from Performance Workshop Theatre.

Here's the link:

Unlike ordinary musical, Just Play It takes advantage for music (especially piano), voices, conversations and images in order to reach the tension of a musical should have. There can't be excessive performances: first, the giant sits right at the middle of the stage, lessoning the performing space; second,
許哲誠 is blind, so he have to do a lot of practice to get fimilliar with maybe only one step or two.

But the music is extraordinary! It's almost like a mixture of jokes, classical, notes, small movements, and most of all, life. Every thing performed by the two musicians are all related to their own lives, no matter is the weird feeling of being blind, cultural shock when 許哲誠 went to Austria and Vaughan moved to Taiwan, or interacts with audience.

Worth it!!! And I only spent NTD$650 for the best seats because NCKU students' got a 50% discount, and they know which bethroom should they go during the intermission so they don't have wait in line lol.

Best night ever! I haven't seen such a show that almost vaporized my blood after I went to Broadway when I was just 11. ^_^

Like it.


Facebook Warm

     Everyone on Facebook is playing with this link: http://anago.crap.jp/

     What do you think this is? (A)Warm (B)Snake (C)Eel

     I've heard the correct answer is eel, but I'd rather consider this is a warm.
     BTW...... Do you know where the REAL warm is?????

 !!!!!!!SPACE SLUG!!!!!!! 

"This Is No Cave!!!"