Newt Scamander Wand *Unboxing!!!*

It's been quite a long story before I finally get my Newt wand......
It all started out when I realized how gorgeous the wands in Fantastic Beasts are:

Aren't they magically elegant? <3
That thought came upon me by the end of November, which I decided that I'll try to get Seraphina Picquery and Newt's wands, however I was hold back by the price I have to pay for both wands......

Then all of a sudden, the whole globe started running out of Newt's wand!!!!!!!!! Seriously, the whole globe!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the websites (except some which marked the price kinda high) ran out of it, also they never send the mail of restock. T^T

Any way by early December I finally found some choice with an acceptable price (and FREE international shipping!!!) on Ebay. Finally.

And after my long waiting......................

Open it up!!!!!!!!

Look at that beautiful bronzing......

With Newt's name on the side of the box!

Dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The size is very handy, even for smaller Asian hands LOL. (Considering those crazily large lightsaber handles, the wands are really nice to hold.)

See that lovely blue tinge of color? That's why I can't leave my eyesight away from the wand!

You can also see the halo part at the bottom part, with silver paint in side. It was said that the silver color are shells, for Newt deny to hold a wand that's made out of a part of living animal. (Such as the heart string of a dragon blablabla...)

Alright, Newt's wand arrived from Greece earlier than Picquery's, so I'm still expecting my second part of my Christmas present. See you soon!


Chinese Version of "Hairspray the Musical" Script



I translated the whole playwright of Hairspray the Musical into tradition Chinese.
If you have any interest in the version, please contact me throughout the email address listed above.


Easy Risotto Trial on 20160327

Methods originally learned from here:

So, I decided to try my own Taiwan flavrored Risotto at my dorm!

The only stuff I've got are pot cooker and microwave oven, so it's definitely a perfect choice for a cold yet sunny Sunday morning.

Things you need to prepare:

Milk, cheese slice, and triangle Onigiri. (I'd recommend the ones that comes with salmon, tuna, and chicken flavor. Don't you consider weird if you have pork floss as part of risotto?)
Yap. If your country have a bunch of convenient stores like it is in Taiwan, these are ingredients that you can easily reach.

Step 1
Toss all the ingredients into one single glass bowl (or any container that is available microwaving.)

Seperate the seaweed and the rice filling apart, leave the seaweed (You'll need it later, don't eat it yet!)

Slightly stir it and let the salmon well ditributed in the rice.

Then put a slice of cheese on top of it.

Pour in enough milk, don't pour over the top of the rice.

Step 2
Microwave it for about 2:30.
And then you wait.

Step 3
Stir and serve and enjoy!

That's how it'd might be. If you pour too much milk, don't worry! Wait for a few minutes, the rice will absorb the extra juice, and the flavor will be gorgeous!

And a few piece of seaweed that you left behind. Stir a little bit.


Super delicious, super easy, and most of all--Super cheap!!!!!!!
I really recommand everyone that craves for a little portion of risotto should give a try!!!!!!!


Self-made Musical?!

At first I was named as one of the stage manager of the self made musical of our chorus this semester.

Now I was like doing jobs of directors and producers -- now I'm the one who casts, the one who keeps the playwright on schedule, and even the one who asks the actors to play!!!!!

The main problem happens to be that our playwright is also the leading actor, who is ALSO the chorus leader right now. And he was handling too much duty so he toss stuff that he hates (such as executive or administrative problems) to other people instead of making a clear division of works.

Ironically, one of the leap we took this year was administering titles in order to make a clear cut work and practicing it efficiently. I guess we failed.

And the playwright was so problematic that I am still wondering when will he upload the whole script...... It's less than two months to perform! Such a ridiculous. He never truly understands what he should be responsible to while naming himself as the playwright and the leading actor.

The director is also a joke..... She hasn't show up in any of our meeting by far, and wr already had 5~6 meet ups. And the stupid casting!!!!! Why is a stage manager begging people around to see if they'd like to star?!!!!! I am suppose to be the commander during the performance, not the casting director!!!!!! That's the most unfair stuff by far......

I just hope we won't be at this whole stupid time wasting status again when I'll finally be really in charge next year.



I feel way so, so, so sick of those small groups.

It feels like the rest are just nonsense and the whole world just orbits around you guys, huh?!
I can't say that I had never had a single moment of expecting myself to be asked of joining, and I do feel grateful that some of the insiders are caring enough to ask my opinion, though I had to turn them down due to peer pressure.
What on earth is happening in this whatever-you'd-like-to-call-it club? Not just members, even the teacher has the same problem and now needs us to stop him or at least blur the borderline. Gosh the ugly truth is that nobody wants to train underdogs singers into an average level. Most people just want to teach smart kids and enjoy the applauds by the end of another successful show, with the problem still existing!
Gosh the stage is really a poison, even I can still be fooled occasionally. At least I know how to manage it out by far, trying to do the best of your own job and not being the annoying one that always wants the spotlight on you.

That was probably my longest murmur of all time, without any photo.


The Mission of "Bopomofo" Cuisine

At the end of last year, I joined a special mission that resembled #APhotoADay. It's called #注音美食任務, namely in English, The Mission of Bopomofo Cuisine. "Bopomofo" are the sound of the first four characters of the Taiwanese Phonetic Symbol System.
This activity starts out from a night chat of one of my private postcrosser society on Facebook. We were initially talking about a photo a day, then somehow it ends up with a Taiwanese version along with fooooooooods. LOL.

I started out of this one:

It's rice, which starts with the sound of "bo(ㄅ)."

The mission was quite easy at first during the consonants, however it became extremely hard when we entered the part of rhymes and medials! How do you find a food that starts with the sound of "yu?!"
(I still find one, anyway. Haha.)

Happy 2015 the New Year!!!!! <3


My Bottle

"My Bottle" is an emerging popular bottle trand from Japan. Normal bottle with "My Bottle" printed will cost for about NTD$200, while the price boosts two times if the words printed on the bottle were customized.

The bottle shown in the picture was originally my younger brother's, but now I secertly repossess it as mine, since he never notice this bottle ever. I had my own from the start, yet on one tragical day, it fell from the class table and became pieces of plastics.