My Bottle

"My Bottle" is an emerging popular bottle trand from Japan. Normal bottle with "My Bottle" printed will cost for about NTD$200, while the price boosts two times if the words printed on the bottle were customized.

The bottle shown in the picture was originally my younger brother's, but now I secertly repossess it as mine, since he never notice this bottle ever. I had my own from the start, yet on one tragical day, it fell from the class table and became pieces of plastics.



Loki Backpack

Don't envy me lol

I bought this online, but it's designer was related to Taiwan CWT.

A few more photos:

This is how it looks like when the outer part is flipped. As you can see, the "gold helmet" of Loki contains two small bags.

And the inner part:

I have used it once, there's no difficulty for hanging on shoulders for a long time--actually, it's quite comfortable! However, the problem of this backpack is that is very difficult to open it, and the zipper is a little biting.

So, for conclusion, this backpack is better showing off than handy.
But Loki is super cute!!!!!!!


Stethoscope: A Step Further

     Well, well, the day I shall lay my hand on a brand new stethoscope has finally arrived.
We've got 3 different manufacturers to choose from, and as you can see, ERKA from Germany is my final pick. It's quite a hard task to choose, for I don't have picky ears, and these ears aren't experienced as well! Most of the time it seems like I'm paying attention listening to the difference, well......the truth is I never get it. Never mind.

     This is how it looks like.

     The name on the scope is a customize item, you can choose the word you want and carve them on it!

     Geez I still remember the first time I step into NCKU medical department, and that was 7 years ago, along with my high school classmate! Now I'm heading to the very half of my college student life......


Life for Sale!!!

     Okay, somehow I'm a little down, so I'm curious that how much will I earn if I had my whole life FOR SALE.

     Lights FOR SALE!
     Skills FOR SALE!
     Memories and all the ideas ALL FOR SALE!!!
     How much does my life worths? I sure don't have a certain kind of accurate answer. I feel bad. I had a quarrel with Mom, my summer research plan stucks (also sucks,) and I can't maintain my power of chasing after my big, fat dreams. It feels like that I'm one of those losers in my peers! Everyone looks shiny and bright and so well-mannered, while I'm questioning myself what have I done during the past 3 years in collage?
     Seriously, the perfect answer is none. Or let's be more specific, nothing had I done has a certificate. Not even a record!
     I'm so confused. I lived a not so bad life, I know I can do something and I'm willing to, it's just that when people are coming up with candidates for jobs, well......Your name just never rings a bell.

     C'mon...... I want to post a photo, but even Blogger and Picasa bully me! They just don't let me embed any photo! Now I'm losing my patient. I'm stoping. Darn!



The Wickedly Timeline

(I'm really interested in carving rubber stamps, this Wicked stamp is one of the old time project.)

     "Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz" is one of my favorite musicals by far, the main reason is of course that I've once participate in a amateur one, but seriously, there's more that.

     Let's just name it quickly: Elph is never a good role model in real life, yet people sometimes do misunderstood Glinda. She's never the bad girl, for the only thing she did to Elph is giving her that black hat which was under her friends' recommendation.

     See? Both girls are so good hearted, they never ever meant to harm anyone. But they seemed ironically living at the two polars of the spectrum. For me, I think it tells people that no matter your personality is, you can always stay good hearted.

     It's so hard to admit your own mistakes. Especially when you are standing in the middle of the mist. While most people like Elph better, that's what I appreciate about Glinda the Good. Guess that shows how genuine she was. 

     A lot of critics online compared Elph with the beloved Elsa, but I think they have totally different issues! Elph had a problem with peers, while Queen Elsa is confusing about self-esteem. Potraited by the same wickedly talented "Adele Dazeem"(lol), that's really subtle, and it just dawn on me when I heard the mashup of Let it Go and Defying Gravity a few days ago.

      These are the few aspects I have by now. How time could nourish and brew strange ideas!


Storage Disappearance

     Sadly, about ninty percent of my photo data were gone as I slipped my personal data storage device, and it crushed on the floor.
     Who knows it's the very start of my miserable life without all my memories from teenage?
     The point is: You knew that it WAS there, but now it's nowhere to be found. And I weeped so hard, just to realize that it's time to MOVE ON. (What the......?)
     So......I now back up everything. Every. Single. Thing.

     Btw, the pinkish part in the photo is the Big Salt Lake, for there are some special species of seaweed that give it its pinkish tinge of color.