Easy Risotto Trial on 20160327

Methods originally learned from here:

So, I decided to try my own Taiwan flavrored Risotto at my dorm!

The only stuff I've got are pot cooker and microwave oven, so it's definitely a perfect choice for a cold yet sunny Sunday morning.

Things you need to prepare:

Milk, cheese slice, and triangle Onigiri. (I'd recommend the ones that comes with salmon, tuna, and chicken flavor. Don't you consider weird if you have pork floss as part of risotto?)
Yap. If your country have a bunch of convenient stores like it is in Taiwan, these are ingredients that you can easily reach.

Step 1
Toss all the ingredients into one single glass bowl (or any container that is available microwaving.)

Seperate the seaweed and the rice filling apart, leave the seaweed (You'll need it later, don't eat it yet!)

Slightly stir it and let the salmon well ditributed in the rice.

Then put a slice of cheese on top of it.

Pour in enough milk, don't pour over the top of the rice.

Step 2
Microwave it for about 2:30.
And then you wait.

Step 3
Stir and serve and enjoy!

That's how it'd might be. If you pour too much milk, don't worry! Wait for a few minutes, the rice will absorb the extra juice, and the flavor will be gorgeous!

And a few piece of seaweed that you left behind. Stir a little bit.


Super delicious, super easy, and most of all--Super cheap!!!!!!!
I really recommand everyone that craves for a little portion of risotto should give a try!!!!!!!